Friday, 12 September 2003

She Lived For 42 Years in a Vegetative State

Feminism is there, but primarily in developed world only. Plight of women in developing countries leaves a lot to be desired. It is still humiliating life for majority of women. They are denied even equal religious rights. There is a ray of hope; a light seen at the end of a dark tunnel, but it will take time. Humanity is moving in the right direction, but too slowly. A young nurse in a developing country was sexually molested in 1973 and was in coma for 42 years before death. Her molester was imprisoned for just 7 years in jail. This was grossly unfair. We need to amend old laws in developing countries. Euthanasia was denied to her for 42 years. Her relations had deserted her. Her colleagues in hospital served her and out of love, opposed her euthanasia. Were they right? It is a debatable question!

27 Nov 1973, 5PM

A young nurse had just finished her duty. She was changing her dress in the change room and was looking forward to meet her fiance, a doctor. But God had other plans for her.

A few days ago, she had reported to hospital authorities that a hospital staff - who looked after sick dogs - was stealing dog-food. He was angry and he had planned his revenge.

At an opportune moment, he entered the change room and molested her. She was found in an unconscious state after 12 hours. She was in coma.

Surprisingly, and unfortunately she was alive. She was in the vegetative state for 42 years, till 19 May 2015, when she died a natural death. She was denied euthanasia, as it was not legally permitted. Her relations have deserted her. Her friends - nurses and doctors - looked after their senior colleague with love and dedication. They too opposed her euthanasia.

Where is the accused!

He was caught and awarded seven-years imprisonment. He must have started his new life long ago, when released from jail. He may be living somewhere with a new, false identity. This is a punishment, he has to live with, till his death. If he is married and has a family, he would be always scared of his past catching up with him, and getting revealed to his wife and children. His inability to lead a normal life, is God's or his victim's curse on him.

What was the purpose of her life?

She, in her vegetative state, brought out the best in humanity. The nurses and doctors in the hospital served their suffering colleague selflessly, for 42 years.

Her vegetative state for four decades, influenced her country to legalize euthanasia, in extreme cases; although she was not its beneficiary.

Where is she or her soul!

It is a mystery. God knows the truth. Humanity has no answer. Is her soul waiting for the day of judgement? Was there a rebirth planned for her by God - in a suitable species, depending on her good or bad deeds in her life as per her religious beliefs?

Thank you, the brave fighter, for visiting the World for 67 years - including 42 years in vegetative state.

God bless you, with peace, happiness and harmony in your next life.


Lesson to learn

Don't try to fix a person, who has not much to lose in life. Sometimes we get involved in a situation, where we have to deal with a menial, illiterate worker, from a lower strata of society, involved in a criminal activity. It is advisable not to deal with such persons directly. Better inform the bosses, with a request, not to divulge your name.